Chishawasha Orphans' Project, Zimbabwe

Imagine – you are a teenage boy in Zimbabwe, orphaned because of Aids. A family takes you in but they make you work as a slave and do not feed you. In desperation, you catch rats to eat.

Sadly, this really happened. The boy concerned was rescued by the Chishawasha Orphans’ project and now lives, with several other orphans, with a lady named Vanessa. The Chishawasha Orphans’ Project , which is run by a church in Harare, helped her to build a simple house for this purpose.

Whenever possible, the orphans live with relatives. Some 70–80 of them come to a club on Friday afternoons where they learn life skills and receive basic provisions for the week and clothing when needed. Maggie Norton (our contact) and the other volunteers also visit the children in their villages to monitor their needs.

In addition to paying for food and the roof of Vanessa’s house, the project has used the funds from Thembisa to cover the cost of bus fares, school fees, and essential medical care for the orphans or their families. Funds have also helped one young woman to train as a nursing assistant. Without help, these young people have no hope of paying the fees for vocational training. Funds have also been used to support the growing of food at a nearby orphanage. 

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A football club is also run for the boys – don’t they look smart in their uniforms! 

Chishawasha Football Club