The Alexandria Haven and Sports Project

This project is chosen by Gary and Deborah Kirsten

Perspective – poverty
Poverty results from the lack of common things such as food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water. It is bound up with the absence of employment opportunities and the breakdown of traditional family structures. According to the United Nations about 25,000 people, largely children, die every day of hunger and hunger related causes. In South Africa poverty is rife. Some of the poorest people are located in the Eastern Cape. BUT here are amazing people offering local solutions …

The Alexandria Haven
Alexandria Haven and Sports ProjectMolly Bam’s compassion gave birth to the Alexandria Haven. At 18 she and her 11 siblings were orphaned. Molly took on the role of parent, and at 19 she took in her first foster child who now lives and works at the Haven as a career.

Situated in the Eastern Cape – one of the most impoverished regions of South Africa – the Alexandria Haven today consists of a three bed roomed bungalow that houses upwards of 40 kids. It has the ground for expansion but not the funds.

The Haven does not turn away any child in need in spite of very cramped living conditions; often not enough food and no State funding. Some of the children have AIDS. Sporting activities take place on a dusty un-grassed area.


The Alexandria Property
The property has been re-zoned from farmland to residential, and sub divided into thirty smaller plots.

Vision and Plans:

  • ensure the safety of the children by building a secure fence/wall around the property – done

  • level off a large part of the property to provide a playing field and areas for accommodation

  • Build the first several planned brick houses

  • In the longer term the intention is to create a small village including a school.

Thembisa’s 21st fund-raising
Thembisa raised over £15,500 for the Alexandria Haven in 2009.

A dream of an organiser: "Should we at some later stage be able to arrange cricket coaching sessions, this field can be used and children can be brought in from a number of the townships in the area."