Khazimula Children’s project

Temporary shelter for orphans and abandoned or abused children

Lying deep in rural KwaZulu Natal, Khazimula Children’s Shelter for vulnerable children is managed by a dedicated and able team of staff and volunteers. The Principal, Mr Mvuyo Ndenze, lives on the property. He is a former nurse and has a huge heart for the children.

Children are brought to Khazimula through the Howick or Pietermaritzburg Department of Social Development, either with a court order, or with a court order pending. These children have been deemed abandoned, abused, or orphans in need of temporary shelter, and are often in a very disturbed state when they arive. Children housed at Khazimula attend the local combined school in Lidgetton, and by and large achieve good results.


A local private boys school Michaelhouse visits Khazimula once a week, to offer computer training, sports skills and general interaction with the children. A group of volunteers also visits Khazimula once a week, assisting the children with homework during term time and recreational activities during the holidays.
A reunification program is run by the principle Fr Mvuyo Ndenze, in which children are encouraged to return home during weekends and school holidays, and ultimately be permanently reintegrated into their community.

In keeping with the government’s policy of trying to keep children out of institutions and within their greater home communities, to date children have only been allowed to remain at Khazimula for a maximum of six months. Social workers do however try to “stretch” this six month period to as long as possible. The improvement in the overall well being of those children that do live at Khazimula for longer periods is remarkable. Now the project is looking to enable children who are too vulnerable to be returned to their communities, to remain at Khazimula in a stable and permanent home until they reach the age of 18 or have completed their schooling.

The buildings and infrastructures are sound but need upgrading if this dream of providing a better quality of life and longer term support for the children is to become a reality. The most pressing needs are to upgrade the existing poor quality, inadequate bathrooms and then to build a proper ablution block. After that, a new recreation hall/library would be wonderful, as the only inside area for use by the children is the current dining room/kitchen which doubles up as a recreation area.