Eluxolweni Shelter

Shelter for street children

The Eastern Cape is notorious for its poverty due mostly to appalling rates of unemployment. According to the Institute for Race Relations 49.4% of people living in the Eastern Cape are unemployed. In Grahamstown it could be close to 70%.

The Eluxolweni Shelter Cares for Street-Children
Most of the children at the shelter come from poor backgrounds, with abuse in the home or from neighbours and as a result ended up on the streets. There they face ongoing abuse, mistreatment and neglect.

The shelter gives these kids aged 8 to 18, the chance to escape the cycle of poverty and addiction. Not only do they have a safe place to live but receive an education, and guidance on how to deal with the difficulties they have encountered.

Eluxolweni ShelterEluxolweni Shelter

With the assistance of volunteers from the community, including students from Rhodes University, a range of support and extra mural activities are also offered. For some children this is perhaps the first stability they have ever experienced.

The shelter is run by a management team and a staff of eleven. The house parents include a qualified social worker, and the Director cum Project Manager, David Claassen.








The hardest money to raise is for day-to-day living.

This is what ELUXOLWENI is really short of. Money is urgently needed on an ongoing basis for food, clothing, books, educational materials, laundry and kitchen equipment. The shelter is also planning a significant extension and renovation of the living area.

Thembisa first provided a grant to Eluxolweni of £600, raised at our annual walk in September 07. Where funds allow additional contributions are allocated.