Mama Ntombi’s Community Projects

Changing the world of children in squatter camps

Today, unemployment in South Africa hovers around 25%. Informal Settlements in and around South Africa’s 9 largest cities, contain 4.4 million people - 10% of the South Africa’s population. About 23% of the people living there are without adequate shelter, basic sanitation and water supply.

In recent years as migration to the cities has increased. Informal settlements have sprung up around Pietermaritzburg. In compassion for the plight of these people MNCP was formed. At the core is a small group of dedicated workers. They enlist the help of volunteers and stir the community into generous giving when crises occur – like fires that destroy many of the ‘shack-homesteads’.

MNCP seeks to give a chance in life to children in these ‘Shacklands’. In addition, as far as resources stretch, they seek also to support the Grannies (Gogos) who look after the many AIDS orphans.

In a letter to Thembisa MNCP’s director said ‘Confidence plays such a HUGE role in the life of children. The children from the Informal Settlements are robbed of the basic necessities in life that so many of us take for granted. I believe that taking care of their emotional well-being is every bit as important as providing them with a meal.

Having a good self esteem is so important despite the bleak circumstances of extreme poverty and hopelessness that these kids face due to the ravages of the HIV and AIDS pandemic that has left so many children orphaned and vulnerable.'  

One of the youngsters we have been assisting is Nosipho Luthuli. This is what she had to say in a letter to us: “I thought I am nothing because every day at school they were laughing at me and making jokes because I did not wear a proper uniform. I said to myself, What am I doing wasting my life going to school because children are laughing at me. But now MNCP have helped me. They bought me uniforms, school stationery and a school bag. My future is now shining in front of my eyes”.

The first small £500 donation Thembisa made to MNCP was used to equip many kids with shoes so they could go to school. The challenge is huge. They need our support. Since then we have made further donations, with MNCP our focus project in 2013 and 2014. 

To donate directly to MNCP via Virgin Money Giving