Funding & Finance

Thembisa provides a link between those who wish to support disadvantaged people in Southern Africa and grassroots projects fulfilling this purpose.

Who Thembisa Funds
Thembisa makes grants directly to organisations in South Africa, within the framework of the Trust Deed. Thembisa is especially keen to support small start-up projects that find it difficult to raise funds from bigger grant making bodies. Usually grants are awarded to projects in both urban and rural areas in the range £100-£500 that fall into these categories: 

  • Education and training (e.g. leadership development)

  • Empowerment and income generation (e.g. craftwork projects, agriculture)

  • Community projects (e.g. orphanages, food kitchens)

Funding criteria
For a project to be eligible for funding, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Based in South Africa or Zimbabwe

  • Not an individual

  • Thembisa’s contribution is significant within the overall amount required

  • Typically, in the first instance we do not fund more than £500.

Please note that Thembisa is not currently considering unsolicited applications.

If an application is considered suitable Thembisa checks the validity of the request through Advisors in South Africa and UK who have first hand knowledge of that project. If a project receives a grant the recipients are required to provide feedback to Thembisa for the duration of the grant through reports, news etc.

How Thembisa Raises Funds

100% of all donations go towards grants for disadvantaged people in South Africa through approved projects. Running costs of the Trust are met through the Membership scheme.

Funds for Projects are Raised Through:

  • Donations

  • Events

  • Applying to other charities (occasionally) with specific requests

  • Bequests

  • Reclaimed Tax

Financial Management
Overall management is the responsibility of the Thembisa Trustees including the allocation of grants. Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) administers Thembisa's finances in accordance with the Trustees' instructions. The Thembisa Treasurer handles all local administration. Running costs are minimal as all Trust workers are volunteers.