Visit from Deb Norton of Cross Over

Deb Norton, who runs the Cross Over educational project in Zimbabwe, was recently in the UK (March 2019) and met with some of Thembisa's Trustees. Things are very tough in Zimbabwe and especially so for some of Cross Overs's students, who have to battle against enormous odds to even get to school.  At Cross Over there is a very strong ethic of focusing on what people  do have and can do and, rather than on the negative-for example: 'You don't have the money for bus fare but you do have legs and can walk.'

Cross Over's five core values are: Vision, Integrity, Ability, Service, and Joy. These are exemplified in the lives of the mentors, who give of themselves sacrificially in supporting their students-they are much more than teachers, The mentors, too, are encouraged to develop and can be helped to obtain teaching qualifications, then return to Cross Over so that the school benefits from their new skills.

Two 'pop-up' classroom are currently in use and Deb's dream is to build more, with further refinements to make them more robust. The need for Cross Over's type of educational materials is vast, as so many cannot afford school fees, and so much of the teaching has been by rote and not adapted to Zimbabwe's circumstances.