Cross Over meeting challenges in Zimbabwe

Things are still tough in Zimbabwe! Deb Norton recently wrote as follows: 'On Friday afternoon some of our students were stranded at Cross Over. When they came to school in the morning they had sufficient bus money to get home, but by the evening the fares had gone up by 50 % and the kombis refused to allow the children on board. We made a plan as always, but it is an indication of how crazy things are getting here and the huge financial pressure on families with tiny incomes.'

BUT the Cross Over team continue to focus on the positive and to celebrate students achievements. Deb also described a 9 year old boy who was very naughty when he joined Cross Over and troublesome in class. His mentor persevered in implementing affirmatory and disciplinary procedures. He started changing as he became aware that his behaviour would have consequences for himself and his classmates. At the end of term the mentor gave him a commendation certificate for being helpful in class. After the presentation he came to her in tears as, in all his years at school, he had always been told he was naughty and this was the first time he had ever received any type of award for something good.