A ‘large’ donation to Mama Ntombi’s Community Projects!

Mama Ntombi’s Community Projects (MNCP), our other 2016 focus project, helps impoverished communities around Pietermaritzburg in so many ways. They have recently received a wonderful donation – a 15-metre long container (valued at R100,000) where they can store all their Breakfast Club things, the Preschoolers material, chairs and tables, as well as the Library for their Book and Homework clubs.

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Chishawasha orphans’ project – hunger in Zimbabwe

The Chishawasha orphans’ project near Harare is one of our 2016 focus projects. The very bad drought in Zimbabwe has resulted in a poor harvest, adding further hardship. The project recently heard about a large group of children who were raiding the bins of the local boarding school, scavenging for food.

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Bernwode News grant to Cross Over

Our enormous thanks go to Bernwode News (a community organisation of villages near Oxford) for their very generous grant of £1000 to Cross Over, an education programme for very disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe.

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