Food crisis in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe was already facing an economic and food supply crisis even before Covid-19 and now there are real fears of mass starvation. Because of the lockdown, those who rely on meagre daily earnings suddenly have no income, and tourism - a lifeline for millions of Zimbabweans – is non-existent. Could you send a donation to help us support our two Zimbabwean projects?

Joy Mahobele of the Cross Over educational project reports: ‘Most of our students live in illegal settlements and high-density suburbs. Each household can have up to 8-10 people in a small house and people rely on communal boreholes where they have to queue up to fetch water. Our most vulnerable students rely heavily on the porridge that we give them during school days.

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MNCP during the Covid-19 crisis

MNCP Combined

MNCP have had to suspend all their activities, including the breakfast club, during the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa. Sandra Pillay has reported as follows: ‘Today Pastor Chris accompanied me to hand out food parcels to the most needy families at Ezinketheni. We had a permit to get through the Police and Army roadblock. It was just so touching to see the elderly Gogos (grannies), who were desperate for food as it is mid-month. Some were in tears. They just couldn't believe that God had answered their prayers as they had barely any food to see them through. Some of the children are so desperate that they are eating wild berries in the bushes or stealing sugar cane.’

Those who had jobs are mostly now not able to go to work and life for them is really tough. Sandra goes to the MNCP office once a week to pick up supplies of dehydrated vegetable and rice packs for distribution. Social distancing is not possible in the squatter camps, and the people don't have anything to keep them occupied. Of course, they don’t have the online facilities that we take for granted in the UK.

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Covid-19 emergency in South Africa and Zimbabwe - how you can help

We have cancelled our planned 28 June garden party/barbecue due to coronavirus outbreak restrictions. Please consider sending a donation today so that we can help our projects to feed some of the destitute people in South Africa and Zimbabwe (both currently in lockdown). Or participate in the 2.6 challenge on/around 26 April – see below.  Please donate online if possible. Cheques are also acceptable but will be subject to delays in clearing. The need is huge! See the news stories on MNCP and Zimbabwe. 


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