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2015 grant from Bernwode News will support Zimbabwe project
Bernwode News have kindly made a grant of £1000 to support Cross Over, one of our focus projects for 2015. Bernwode News is a monthly magazine for the church and community in the eleven villages making up the Bernwode area east of Oxford. On behalf of the very vulnerable children in Zimbabwe who are being helped to live and work towards a hopeful future, we are enormously grateful.
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Thank you to Bernwode News for their generous grant
For the second year running, Bernwode News has awarded £1000 to Thembisa for use by MNCP. Bernwode News is a monthly magazine for the church and community in the eleven villages making up the Bernwode area east of Oxford. On behalf of the hundreds of destitute people who are helped by MNCP, we are enormously grateful.

Thembisa 25 in 2013
2013 marked the Thembisa Trust’s 25th anniversary. We want to say a huge thank you, once again, to all our supporters over the years who have made it possible to hold out hope to those who have very little. A special thank you to those who set up or increased regular donations in response to our 25th anniversary appeal. We aimed to ‘enrol’ 25 ‘new’ donors and we still have some way to go to meet our goal!



Fund-raising walk and barbecue, Sunday 27 July 2014
Our 2014 annual fund-raising walks and barbecue were well attended and we were especially pleased to welcome alumnae from the University of Natal. In total, with gifts sent in by some unable to attend, we raised just over £2500 for MNCP. Sandra Pillay, fund-raiser for MNCO, wrote to us as follows:
‘The timing of your gift is perfect and is of huge encouragement to us. We are so thankful for all your fundraising efforts so that destitute and neglected children can receive the care and services we provide. God bless you!’ Thank you so much to all who made this possible!

Thembisa walks and barbecue, 28 July 2013
We had lovely weather for our long and short walks and barbecue and are so grateful to those who walked, sponsored walkers, and gave donations. We raised £2500, which was split between iThemba and MNCP.

Thembisa’s 2012 walk and braai - 8 July 2012
Funds raised went towards Khazimula Shelter for street kids, KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa. In 2011 we introduced the option of walks followed by a braai on 10 July. We raised £882 for the Preschool bursary scheme in Grahamstown.

Thembisa’s Fundraising Braai on World Cup Final Day – 11 July 2010
Perfect weather on the day welcomed both old and new members, kids included. South African fare enjoyed in the lovely setting of the Bowleys’ garden helped to generate a total of more than £800 - enough to support eight very needy young children in a preschool place for a year, through the Pre-school places project (to see details click here). The exciting final watched on the big screen concluded a perfect Thembisa day.

Avid reader Charles (former Trust Administrator) and Cecilie Swaisland of Kennington, Oxford, won first prize - £60 book tokens. Janet Meacham, Tiddington, won a meal for two at The Thatch, Thame. Thank you to all who attended, sent donations, or bought raffle tickets!

Thembisa charity walk and tea 2009
Once again we had lovely weather for our two walks on 6 September 2009. We raised nearly £1000 to add to the funds for The Haven.

Fundraising for The Alexandria Haven (Orphanage in South Africa)
(To see details of the Alexandria Haven click here)

Thembisa 21st Celebratory week-end: Charity dinner and Charity cricket day, 23 and 25 May 2009, both with Gary Kirsten
The Charity Dinner was enjoyed from start to finish. We had wonderful weather and a great cricket day at Tiddington cricket club. For a copy of the programme click here.

Between the Charity Dinner, the Twenty20 cricket event, and many generous donors, we collected over £5000. On top of this, motivated by one Thembisa supporter, a school in Perth, Western Australia (John Septimus Roe Anglican Community) raised more than £9,000 through their annual Runathon. Fantastic! The total of over £14,000 far exceeds the target of £10,000. A huge thank you to Maggie Dunnill and everyone involved in Perth and to scores of people in the UK, and of course Gary and Deborah Kirsten.

Does this mean we have raised more than The Alexandra Haven needs? Oh no! Too much is a long way off. Here are the facts. This orphanage houses 40-50 kids in a 3 bedroom bungalow. The aim is to build, as soon as possible, at least 6 chalets each housing 6 children and an adult - estimated cost is £5500 per chalet. Also levelling the ground for building, and a sports field will cost another £3500 or so.

SO, Thembisa continues to raise more! Our next planned event is on 6 September 2009. (click here to download the poster). Do join us. Then two boys at Oxford's Cherwell school ARE making plans to help Thembisa fundraise, also in September. CAN YOU HELP? If YOU have any way of adding more please contact the Trust office. We, and The Alexandria Haven will be delighted.

‘Lifelines’ Multimedia Performance, 29 November 2009
Chris Mann, a South African poet, and Janet Suzman, the well known South African actress, introduced our 21st celebration year (2008-2009) by performing a work entitled ‘Lifelines’ on Saturday 29 November at St John’s College in Oxford. The performance dealt with the lifelines of animals and the biosphere of the planet, with Chris singing some of his poems to guitar music, and Janet reciting others, all to a backdrop of magnificent projected illustrations by Julia Skeen (Chris’s wife). This was an uplifting evening, giving us all a renewed appreciation for the wonders of creation and the need to cherish and care for the environment and living things. Afterwards there was the chance to mingle and chat with Chris and Janet over drinks and snacks. If you want to buy copies of Chris’s book ‘Lifelines’, phone Eurospan Publishers at 01767-604-972.

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Thembisa charity walk and tea 2008
Thank you very much to all who walked, sent donations, or bought raffle tickets. £670 was raised.

Thembisa charity walk and tea 2007
We had two very successful walks (long and short) and a delicious tea on Sunday 2 September 2007, and raised about £1000 for two of our projects – Eluxolweni street children’s shelter in Grahamstown and the Bonginkosi Blanket Project in Edendale. Thank you to all who came, bought raffle tickets or sent donations.


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