Supporting grassroots development projects in Southern Africa

Thembisa is a small UK charity that raises money to fund grassroots projects in Southern Africa. Supporters include individuals, community groups, businesses, charities and colleges.


NEWS: MNCP working flat out to provide crisis help

Sandra Pillay and her colleagues and volunteers at MNCP have been working very hard, feeding hundreds of children six days a week. It’s tiring work preparing, transporting and serving the food. Food parcels are also distributed to the elderly grannies who care for orphans.

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NEWS: iThemba Projects community provide their own solutions

Stu Walker of iThemba projects wrote: ‘Thank you for walking this road with us. It will make such a massive difference to so many families. Most importantly it will provide sustainable food solutions for the long term.’ He was referring to the permaculture gardens that iThemba projects have been helping the residents of Sweetwaters to create. 

Stu also wrote, in early June: ‘We helped “Themba” (not his real name) set up his garden, and told him that he would need to figure out how to stop his chickens from invading it. Themba said he and his cousins would start work on it straight away. We went on to help at our second home of the day, and afterwards we walked past Themba's house to see that Themba and his cousins, hard at work, had almost finished their fence! How encouraging to see kids and teens like Themba who believe they have the power to solve their own problems and create solutions for themselves.’

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NEWS: Thank you!

We want to say a big THANK YOU to all who have donated money to help people in South Africa and Zimbabwe who have lost their income due to COVID-19 lockdowns. The Trustees were able to send £9,500 to six projects that are distributing emergency food supplies and other help. The lockdown has been eased slightly in South Africa and even more so in Zimbabwe, but most informal working and selling is still banned, meaning the need for food help will continue. Read more about the projects in our latest newsletter here: Summer 2020 Newsletter .

In Zimbabwe, Cross Over and Chishawasha projects are both so grateful for the money we sent. Both are distributing food packs to needy families and will continue to do. The paraplegic man mentioned in the newsletter has had an operation to improve his infected wounds (covered by funds donated separately for this purpose).

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